At Confidence Landscaping we believe that caring for land is one of the most important things people can do as members of this planet. We know that our own health and healing is deeply tied to that of the land and that forming connections with living, breathing systems is absolutely priceless. But we don’t believe that you have to travel far to care: the land around our houses, outside businesses and schools and between the sidewalk cracks is teeming with potential for magic: our goal is to help you unlock it.

With every garden we manage, every client we train, every tree we plant, we know we are changing the soil, the air and ecology of the bay area. Our goal is to grow gardens throughout the city, managed by a base of trained, ecologically minded homeowners, teachers, students and landscape professionals who are connected to the land and motivated to tend it. Bit by bit and garden by garden, we will bring back biodiversity, natural beauty and ecological integrity to the valley of the heart’s delight.

How do we do that?

Our Ecological/Organic Land Management Department takes a systems approach, recognizing that all things, including you, work together in a garden. By blending knowledge of ecology and horticulture, we will manage your garden in a way that grows a healthy, resilient system. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly visits as well as a variety of innovative landscape upgrades. Here are more specifics:

Build Soil
Conserve Water
Increase biodiversity
Sequester Carbon
Integrated pest management
Hyperlocal food systems
Raise Eco-Literacy
Perpetuate/Promote/Spread Beauty

The Team

Meet the dedicated team of our Ecological/Organic Land Management Department.


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