• Carol 
  • Nancy 
    • We’ve been working with Confidence Landscaping for the past few years, and I have to say it’s been a pleasure.  Their crew is friendly, professional, and responsive.  They took an anemic-looking yard dotted with struggling plants and turned it into a thriving, balanced ecosystem filled with blossoms, bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, raptors, and much more.  Using only organic methods, they’ve transformed our soil from adobe clay to beautiful, worm-filled loam that requires much less irrigation.  We saw a difference the very first spring.  People come from all over the neighborhood to admire our happy garden and to get ideas for their own yards.  We are delighted!
  • Hathaways
  • Dennis/Vivian Low 

We got great guidance and support from Rachel and her team to change our backyard into a bird sanctuary, while maintaining the look and organic feel of our Zen garden.  We gained confidence and learned so much more about what is needed and had fun exploring the options.  The team is respectful and considerate.  With encouragement we also renewed a planter box that produces fresh edible greens for our salads…delicious!

  • Campi
    • Last year Confidence Landscaping’s Organic Management team performed a remineralization of our property. We were somewhat skeptical of how it might enhance our landscaping but boy we were we pleasantly surprised!  Our yard contains three fruit trees, apple, peach and lemon, amongst many other plants.  We had an explosive yield in our fruit output this past Summer which we believe is largely due to this remineralization plan.  Our overall yard thrived as well.  We were so pleased with the positive results, we’ve gone ahead and commissioned Confidence to perform this service again this year.  We can’t wait to see our fruit production this Summer!! 

Thanks Confidence!