Frequently Asked Questions

camelia2Why hire a professional landscape design/build firm?

Whether you have a small garden or a large-scale property, landscaping your home requires expertise in multiple disciplines, such as design, water-wise irrigation systems, horticulture, soil analysis, and space planning. A professional landscape design and construction firm brings together all of these disciplines to provide the skills and knowledge to deliver a solid investment in the beauty and comfort of your home.

Is it important to hire a licensed landscape architect & contractor?

Absolutely. Cutting corners by hiring someone who is not licensed can lead to costly mistakes and, ultimately, may negatively impact your property value. Additionally, working with a firm that is not licensed means the integrity of the overall project may be compromised. Confidence Landscaping, Inc. is owned and managed by Jeff Sheehan who holds licenses as a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Contractor in the State of California.

What is the law regarding contractor licenses in California?

The State of California mandates that any person wishing to contract for any home improvement work (interior or exterior) for a contract total of $500.00 or greater must obtain and maintain in good standing a valid contractor’s license. This is not a city issued business license. The license will have six numbers, i.e., 482301.

Licensed contractors must purchase a license bond and show proof of workman’s compensation insurance. Unlicensed operators place the burden of financial responsibility on you should injuries, fires or other property damage occur during construction. Checking with the California State Licensing Board before the project begins is advised.

What is it going to cost and how to get started?

Each project greatly varies in scope and detail, but with an initial consultation, we can give you a range of what the costs may be based on your vision.  Many factors, such as plant selection, hardscape, structural elements, etc. play a key role in determining the cost of designing and installing your ideal garden.

For an initial consultation, please contact us at (408) 559-1800.

Can you help us select materials?

Yes, we are happy to guide our clients through the selection of materials for all aspects of the landscape to ensure that these elements enhance the overall design and integrate properly with existing materials while meeting your budget guidelines. We work closely with interior designers when the project calls for seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Do we need to engage other design experts, i.e., lighting designers, etc?

We are a turnkey solution offering complete landscape design & construction. In addition to our design/build work, we consult on lighting, selecting building materials, water features, containers/pots, and other accessories as well as furnishings and custom finishes. We are happy to become a part of an existing team or bring a complete team to you..